• One of the pioneers in the region in Paper Corrugated POSM. We moved from PVC POSM to Paper Corrugated POSM as early as 2015.
  • The only company in the region to convert Beauty FSU/POSM from hard materials to Paper Corrugated keeping the design and finish that used to be considered only possible in acrylic or wood or paint finish.
  • We create box packing with fillers as an in-built mechanism and also as a flat pack system. This saves our clients both money and time that would be spent repacking.

Our approach to sustainability and the environment goes beyond material aspects such as paper, inks, glue and binders, to address intangibles such as design and production volume.


Our skilled designers ators ensure that waste is kept to a minimum.

production volume

Our experience in handling multiple clients enables us to advise customers about reducing over-stock and waste produced in promotions, events and annual print-runs. We also recommend splitting production runs to regular periods to reduce over-stock and wastage.

waste management

To save time and money, our staff is trained to isolate and reuse the waste in subsequent jobs. We also follow the city’s waste disposal regulations. Material that needs to be recycled is segregated and periodically disposed of with the help of Dubai Municipality workers.

inks and chemicals

The inks and chemicals we use are safe and certified and are disposed of responsibly.

our quality control

  • Procurement of raw material is done through carefully selected local distributers representing reputed paper mills and consumable industries in different countries.  We ensure that they have the appropriate environment certifications.
  • Before placing bulk orders with suppliers, quality control is conducted on all material that is used in final production. Samples of raw material are procured, tried and tested, with all the processes involved and only then approved for  final production. 
  • The material we procure is recorded via a unique code. Every roll of paper has the name of paper mill, the batch number, the date of production, the date we received the material and the distributor name. The same applies to other raw materials in terms of inks, glue and all the other items we use in production. We follow the FIFO method while consuming the material.